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2 x Cased Very Large Bowl 192g Sterling Silver Serving Spoons - Windsor Pattern (#55310)14 x Edward Viii Coronation Sterling Silver Enamel Souvenir Spoon London 1936 (#55785)14 x Very Heavy 167g Sterling Silver Queens Jubilee Dish Walker & Hall 1977 (#55100)1 x Antique Linen Tablecloth Crochet Lace With Butterflies (#55212)1 x Antique Linen Tea Cosy Cover - Art Nouveau Style Flowers - Cutwork (#55214)1 x Pretty Vintage Linen Tablecloth - Hand Embroidered Cottage Garden Flowers (#55218)1 x Very Heavy 11 Inch Sterling Silver Vase London - London 1909 Antique (#55609)2 x 23x Georgian & Victorian Salt Spoons - 278g Sterling Silver - Antique (#55821)1 x York Sterling Silver Fiddle Sugar Tongs - C. 1830 - Antique (#53964)1 x Antique C.19th Italy 800 Solid Silver Spoon - Gilt Shell Bowl - Italian (#55933)1 x Antique Bruxelles Picture Bowl Souvenir Spoon - 800 Solid Silver - Belgium (#55913)1 x Antique Montreal Canada Beaver Terminal Salt Spoon - Sterling Silver (#55906)1 x Antique 1893 The World's Columbian Exposition Sterling Silver Spoon (#55772)1 x Alvin Independence Hall Philadelphia Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon Antique (#55795)1 x Antique Wien Rear Picture Bowl 800 Solid Silver Souvenir Spoon Austria Pre 1902 (#55914)1 x 7x Enamel & Sterling Silver Coffee Spoons - Assorted - Vintage (#55820)1 x 2x Vintage Solid Silver Spoon Brooch Brooches Jewellery (#55780)1 x 4x Beautiful Silver Filigree Work Spoons - Antique & Vintage (#55930)1 x Antique Dutch Windmill & Milk Maid Spoon - German 800 Standard Solid Silver (#55798)1 x Antique Silver 6 Inch Needle - Ribbon Threader (#55546)1 x Antique Dutch Caddy Spoon Sterling Silver London Import 1900 Antique (#55919)1 x 3x Mexico Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons - Jade Etc - Vintage (#55911)1 x 2x Antique Chinese Export Silver Character Spoons - Solid Silver (#55929)1 x Antique Wien Austria 900 Solid Silver Enamel Souvenir Spoon Vienna (#55890)1 x Antique South Asian Silver Napkin Ring (#55295)1 x Art Deco Sterling Silver & Cut Glass Perfume Bottle - London 1930 (#55963)1 x Antique Munchen Munich Enamel 800 Solid Silver Souvenir Spoon Germany (#55832)1 x 2x Silver / White Metal Napkin Rings - Initial 'h' And Rncd 1935 Relay Race (#55529)1 x Quantity 19x Plays And Players Theatre Magazine 1954 - 1957 Vintage (#55222)1 x Large Quantity 52x Theatre World Magazine 1950 - 1954 Vintage (#55224)1 x Large Quantity 58x Theatre World Magazine 1945 - 1949 Vintage Inc Complete Years (#55223)1 x 2x Antique Black Lead Stove Polish Bars - Uk Only Shipping (#55602)1 x Conwy / Conway Castle - Sterling Silver Match Box Cover - 1903 Antique (#55542)1 x Vintage Heavy Brass Combi Cigarette / Tobacco Box & Ashtray - Chased (#55951)