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Item representation

The information is based on the knowledge of the site owners, a variety of offline and online resources etc and obviously opinions & facts may vary from person to person. We will never knowingly misrepresent an item and always describe it and its condition as fairly as we humanly are able!

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Please feel free to utilise the information contained within this site for your own personal reference from which you may print out, or store electronically, a personal copy with no obligation. Reproduction of any part of this site for commercial use, including pages, photographic images and textual content is expressly forbidden without our prior consent. That includes using our photos or descriptions for eBay listings, publications etc, be they on or off-line.

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We are usually more than happy to be referenced or linked to from another website or publication, but please do contact us beforehand to talk this through.

VAT (Sales Tax)

VAT Registration Number: (GB)890504618
VAT Notice: Items are sold under the Global Accounting/Margin scheme where applicable - this means that the price you see is the price that you pay. No VAT is added to the final selling price and VAT has not and will not be reclaimed by us in respective of items sold. We pay any VAT due on sales directly to UK HMRC.
If you are a VAT (Sales Tax) registered company or individual registered in the EU then please do let us know, it is in both of our interests! We will also issue zero-rated VAT invoices when your EU VAT number is know to us.

Legal Entity

Vintage-Kitsch is an "Unincorporated Partnership"